Laser-Cut Paper Sculptures May Be the Most Intricate Artwork Ever

They look like the loveliest window mosaics you might see in ancient churches or mosques, but in fact, they’re new creations. And the craziest part is that they are made from possibly the simplest medium you could imagine: paper.

We discovered these pieces from artist Eric Standley last year. He creates these 3D sculptures from intricately laser-cut paper. He works as an associate professor of studio art at Virginia tech. Between classes, he spends hours composing the sculptures from layer after layer of intricately arranged paper.

He says his works are inspired by Gothic and Islamic architecture.

“In 2006, I started informally studying the geometry of Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation,” he told The Huffington Post. “It was the seemingly infinite detail that I was interested in. This was evidence of faith extending human capabilities to extraordinary originality. I like evidence of impossibilities surpassed.”

While that’s all well and good, the artwork really speaks for itself. Scroll through the slideshow above to see photos of his best work.

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