Latest Fashion Sunproof Craze–the Face-kini

Chinese beaches have taken on a decidedly new look.  Folks who’re particularly concerned with sun protection are imploring the use of a “face-kini.”

Vacationers at beaches in eastern China’s Shandong province, have been spotted being extremely proactive when it comes to keeping their faces shielded from the sun.face kini 2

Beyond their faces, citizens are taking precautions that include the entire body, with full body suits to keep wearers protected.

Looking as much like a ski mask as a Lucha libra mask, the suits are equally adept at handing bugs and jelly fish and are made from a stretchy fabric commonly used in bathing suits.

This latest fashion trend reflects a culture obsessed with keeping skin pure and fair. A class system that separates people based on skin color–the rich who can afford to stay out of the sun avoiding manual labor, from those with much lighter skin–complete with a Chinese saying that goes: “Fair skin conceals a thousand flaws.”

facekini 1

According to the New York Times, “face-kinis” started as a DIY accessory that women made at home using scraps of fabric and a sewing machine, but now they can be found at swimwear shops for 15 to 25 yuan ($2.40 to $4.00) each.

In addition to keeping people safe from the horrors of skin cancer, this trend also helps those with any body consciousness–as you’re essentially left unrecognizable–maybe we’ll begin seeing this on the beaches of Miami or the Riviera soon–we’re doubtful.