The Latest Music from 7 Amazing Coachella 2014 Acts

Coachella 2014 is finally here!

If you’re in attendance this year, you already know there are plenty of amazing acts lined up this year for the giant music festival. If you aren’t, you’ve probably still heard all the buzz about some of the bands and artists that will light up the desert this year.

But with close to 200 acts performing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and out of sync with who’s playing, who to check out, and what to expect from whom. To make things easier, we find it helpful to break the line-up into little chunks and spend some time getting acquainted with the talent that will be present at the festival.

As an example, check out the slideshow above to get the latest from six of the artists performing this year. From the wildly popular to the new and on-the-rise, there’s a little bit of everything in there. And regardless of whether you’re going or not, it’s easy enough to scroll through to get a piece of the magic that will unfold over the next two weekends.

Check out the Coachella 2014 acts above and share a few of the acts you’re hoping to check out (and yes, online and from the comfort of your own home totally counts).