APPLE ALERT: Supposed iPhone 6 Photos Leaked by Taiwanese Superstar

Jimmy Lin, a mega pop star and race car driver from Taiwan, has leaked excellent images of the iPhone 6. They are rumored to be the clearest of all leaked photos.

This is the second time he’s been a step ahead of Apple. Last August, Lin posed with an iPhone 5C and leaked the photos via his Weibo account. When the phone was released in August, they were legit.

Here are the leaked iPhone 6 photos for your viewing enjoyment:

Leaked iPhone 6 Images


Leaked iPhone 6 Photos

Leaked iPhone 6 Photos

It appears that the photos match what has been leaked information-wise. The iPhone 6 is rumored to feature a metal back, increased screen size, rounded edges, reduced thickness, reduced bezel size, retained home button, and side mounted power button. Get full details here.