The Most and Least Obese Professions in the USA

The old stereotype of the donut-eating cop with a bulging waistline might not be too far off, and the numbers prove it.

As more and more Americans struggle with obesity, many companies are trying to help shoulder the burden at their own financial detriment, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some, such as L.L. Bean, are offering programs that include¬†wearable fitness trackers and competitions on social apps to help obese employees get into shape. At L.L. Bean’s Bangor, Maine factory, participants in their yearlong program of exercise classes lost an average of 15 pounds.

The problem, of course, is a difficult phenomenon that resists an easy fix, no matter what all those pesky internet advertisements might have you believe.

For more information on the methods taken to reverse obesity, you can read the source article at But let’s get to the data on obesity — specifically, the most and least obese professions in the nation.

Police officers ranks as the most obese profession, with approximately 40 percent obese, compared to an overall American average of 27%. On the other end of the spectrum are scientists, economists, and a psychologists. View the full data below.