Owner Puts GoPro on His Dog to Find Out What Happens When He Leaves the House (VIDEO)

Every single time we leave our houses, we always feel guilty looking down at our pets and saying, “Alright, see you later!”

It kills us knowing that they are going to be all alone for hours at a time, anxiously awaiting our arrival. We also wonder what the heck they do during that time we are away, and if they really miss us when we’re gone.

For one dog owner, finding out those answers involved strapping a GoPro camera to his pooch’s head and recording what happens once he steps out the door for the day.

The owner, Mike The Intern, then edited the footage down to a three-and-a-half minute video showing what occurred.

If you happen to own a dog, this video is going to make you really, really sad. You may never leave your dog home alone again after you see this.