Ridiculous Photos of Buff Men Who Skip Leg Day

People with a saggy bootie, no butt whatsoever, or scrawny chicken legs look ridiculous, especially when those wimpy body parts appear on really buff, ripped, muscular men who obviously take great care to sculpt their arms, abs and pecs. We call them “80/20” — as in, their torso makes up 80% of their girth, while their butt and legs make up a wee tiny 20%.

The truth is that if you want to buff up, lean out, lose weight, and be both stronger and healthier, you need to work out your legs. It’s a truth that most people don’t want to hear because they hate working out their legs, but a truth nonetheless.

Your leg muscles are among the largest in your body, and according to Bodybuilding.com, working them out can stimulate the release of growth hormones that increase mass and size. But it’s not all about becoming a thick, muscle-bound bruiser. Leg workouts help improve your cardiovascular¬†exercise¬†and lifting, which results in burning more calories, better endurance and improved core strength. So if you want to be a healthier person who gets more from you workouts, you need to lift weights and exercise your legs.

d8f1b05bbd1b7c91733bd5a92786966eThe reason people often skip leg day is simple: It can be draining, and for days after the muscles in your lower body are tight and ache.

Guess what? If you worked out your legs regularly, they won’t hurt so much, and the payoff comes pretty quickly. You’ll fill out your jeans, feel stronger, and notice how it helps transform the rest of your body as well.

However, if you’re one of those guys who stays away from leg day, we’ve got a couple of even stronger reasons why you should reconsider. They’re displayed in the leg day meme slide show above. Check it out, and see just how silly you look with your tiny legs supporting your otherwise giant and powerful frame. No, we may not have your exact photo there, but trust us: If you’re a muscle man and you don’t work your legs out, then you DO look that bad.

And, if you’re not careful, someone will snap a picture of you and post it and make fun of you, too — which is what happened to a bunch of these guys.

See you in the weight room.

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