WATCH: People Swear the Goatman Is Plaguing America — Is He for Real?

Forget the Loch Ness Monster or the Legend of Bigfoot, some folks in Wisconsin, Texas and Kentucky say they’ve spotted Goatman. This half goat, half man creature hsa supposedly killed 14 hikers.

He was then allegedly spotted in photos taken from a helicopter.

According to legend, Goatman was created by Stephen Fletcher who mixed the DNA of a goat with the DNA of a human. Fletcher was born in Baltimore in 1924 and graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in medicine and chemistry. He then started working for the US Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, Maryland.

Fletcher married a woman named Jenny and only two years into their marriage, she contracted a mysterious illness. She went into a coma-like state and doctors couldn’t pull her out of it. Stephen Fletcher was so distraught that he began to experiment with various technologies, including gene splicing. Supposedly, he was able to revive her for a short period of time, but then she fell back into a comatose state.

Fletcher began to give up hope and destroyed one of his research labs. He then moved into a remote building on the USDA campus and became a recluse. It was during this time period that he may have spliced the genes of a goat and a human being, most likely Fletcher’s assistant.

The above video explains the legend in more detail.

Check it out and let us know — do you think this is a massive hoax or a true tale.