The 14 Best Lego Creations of All Time

Most toys tend to have a certain shelf-life–they’re popular for a year or two before everyone forgets about them and continues with their lives. Not Legos, though. After all, what other toy has their own theme parks across the world?

No one is ever old enough to outgrow Legos, the colorful bricks that allow kids and adults alike to create virtually anything, provided they put in the time. When I say anything, I mean anything.

Don’t believe me? People devote months, even years, of their lives to create art out of Legos. These Lego creations are larger than life. I mean, they’re quite literally larger than life. If you think the Mona Lisa was too small in person, you won’t have the same gripe with the Lego version.

Essentially, a children’s toy has become its own art medium. Who needs clay or oil paints when you can simply buy pounds upon pounds of Legos anymore to fuel your creative soul? It might seem ridiculous, but looking at the results, I’m pleased that some dedicate their lives to Lego art while the rest of us work 9 to 5.

So check out the slideshow above, which only covers the tip of the iceberg when it comes to absurd and absurdly beautiful Lego creations.

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