LEGO Master Builds Hogwarts Replica from 400,000 Pieces

If you loved the J.K. Rowling book series, then you’re going to love what this LEGO Harry Potter fan accomplished.

Alice Finch, LEGO master and Harry Potter enthusiast, spent 12 months piecing together the  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Not only did she craft the outer facade of the well-loved fictional school, the interior is also decorated and populated.

While LEGO has developed an official Harry Potter set, Finch was inspired to build her own version to scale. To accomplish this feat, she consulted J.K. Rowling’s books, watched the movie series numerous times, and visited the Harry Potter studio in London to view the actual movie sets.

Harry Potter experts have often admitted there are several details within the books and films that don’t match up. This challenged finch to  choose her own creative direction on several occasions.

At the 2012 BrickCon LEGO convention, Finch was awarded  the “People’s Choice” and “Best in Show” prizes for her Hogwarts replica. Following her impressive awards, she was forced to reassemble the masterpiece after the trip home to Seattle. This took approximately five months to accomplish.

Finch is a mother of two boys, one old enough to enjoy staging Harry Potter adventures, and the other still too young to join in the fun. Rather than taking a hands-off approach to her masterpiece, her hopes are that they will have a blast enjoying it for years to come.

According to Finch, she is uncertain as to how much the project cost over the long haul. She admits that she had to purchase pieces from all over the world to bring her vision to life.

Last week, Finch finally unveiled her reconstructed Hogwarts  via her Flickr page. The following is a photo gallery that includes many of her photos: