The Great Wall of Legos: World Monuments Made of Legos

The Lego Movie’s release last year proved once and for all that everything is better when done with Legos. Acknowledging that, one Lego artist (Legoist?) has created his own versions of the world’s greatest wonders on a much smaller scale.

This Legoist, Warren Elsmore, has compiled his impressive creations in a book titled Brick Wonders. Frankly, Elsmore is a genius. Not all of us will get to visit Jordan or Cambodia or Vietnam at any point in our lives. Somehow seeing them constructed with Legos seems to be the next best thing.

Brick Wonders showcases a total of 60 of the world’s greatest sights. All are built by Elsmore, who travels the world to experience the monuments firsthand before interpreting them. The book was published just this month by Mitchell Beazley.

If you’re looking for a different perspective, flip through the slideshow above,and marvel at the creative, unorthodox recreations of the world’s most famous sites from the comfort of your desk chair. Enjoy photos of both natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef or ancient monuments like Angkor Wat or even modern industrial Legos monuments like London Bridge.

If these intricate Lego creations are up your alley, check out Elsmore’s website or his first book, Brick City, focused more on architecture like Notre Dame and Big Ben.

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