Leopard Charges At Zookeeper But Gets Pawed Down By Their Resident Tiger! OMG!

Zookeepers are renowned for their patience and connections to the wild animals they work with but we never think that animals would stand up for a human against another animal. A caretaker at The Black Jaguar – White Tiger Foundation, Eduardo Serio must be particularly good at what he does because he is obviously considered one of their own, by the most of the animals anyway.

You find yourself admiring the beauty of his ability to play with the big cats as if they were kittens but this scene could easily have had a very different outcome. He is oblivious of the action unfolding behind him as he enjoys a game with some of the big cats.

Dharma, one of the leopards, starts charging at him in what resembles attack mode but Aztlan, a nearby tiger immediately spots the suspicious movement and speedily acts to intercept the attack, saving Serio from possible serious injury. Dharma snuck up from the left behind Serio before he is dived out of his attack by Aztlan.

This incident is the perfect example of mutual love and respect between man and beast and showcases the willingness of animals to put themselves on the line in order to protect a human that they have grown to trust.