Lexus to Launch Car that Glows with Driver’s Heartbeat

Lexus has created a concept car in an effort to “show the whole world how thrilling the Lexus RC F is to drive.” The car is equipped with a heart monitor that is aimed to connect the driver with the car. The coupe itself is covered in glowing “electroluminescent” paint that is linked to the driver’s heartbeat. As the driver’s heart races, the car’s lights pulse and fade in perfect rhythm.

The Verge reported:

“It’s like an extension of wearable tech, except the tech is almost wearing you. Lexus envisions the project as a step toward creating cars capable of recognizing the emotions of drivers. If a driver is experiencing road rage or extreme sleepiness, the car may be able to react accordingly, preventing accidents or reckless driving.”

Although for the time-being this is just a one-time concept piece, and Lexus has no plans to integrate the feature in the rest of their cars, it’s an incredibly cool design that is sure to send any car-lover’s heart racing.

Check it out in the video above.