WATCH: What It’s Like Inside the Gay Wing of Los Angeles’s Central Jail

Life behind bars is rough.

However, for LGBT prisoners at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, rare opportunities are made available to ensure they don’t have to deal with the aggression others face in detention centers across the nation.

Known as “K6G,” the gay section of the jail is the first of its kind in the American incarceration system. It was created as a result of a 1985 lawsuit that shed light on the staggering levels of violence LGBT prisoners constantly faced.

Recently, L.A. Weekly carried out an investigation into this uncommon subculture. The article notes:

The gay wing at Men’s Central Jail is an exceptionally rare, if not unique, subculture, the only environment of its kind in a major U.S. city. Nothing like it exists in America’s 21 largest urban jails, all contacted by the Weekly, where officials described in far more modest terms their own steps to deal with and house gay inmates. San Francisco has a transgender holding tank, but gay inmates live among the general population. In New York’s Rikers Island, whose similar gay wing was shuttered in 2005, a jail spokesman laughed out loud, saying that whoever decides which men get placed in L.A. County’s gay jail wing ‘must have really good gay-dar.’

To read the full piece on L.A. Weekly, visit its website.