Librarian Wants to Ban 9-Year-Old from Reading Contest for Winning

Library personnel and educators usually encourage children to read and applaud their efforts when they do. However, in the case of Hudson Falls Public Library Director Marie Gandron, this doesn’t seem to always be true.

Gandron wants 9-year-old Tyler Weaver banned from the library’s reading club contest after winning for the fifth year in a row. Gandrom thinks Tyler ‘hogs’ the competition and causes other kids to quit.

For this year’s Dig into Reading summer event, Tyler read 63 books to get the winning title and over the last five years he has completed 373 total books for the contest. And like anyone would, he’s proud of his accomplishments.

“It feels great,” Tyler said to Post Star. “I think that was actually a record-breaking streak.”

But instead of encouraging him to keep on reading, Gandron has considered changing the rules to randomly pick a name from a hat to determine the winner in the future, instead of by how many books the kids read.

Lita Casey, an aide who has worked at the library for 28 years, thinks Gandron’s plans to change the rules are unjust and “ridiculous.”

“My feeling is you work, you get it. That’s just the way it is in anything” she said. Casey also explained everyone in the club is on a level playing field since the contest begins and ends on the same day for everyone, giving all the children the opportunity to read as many books as they want to, reports Post Star.

As for Tyler, he also objects to the possible rule change, saying “If they end up where a librarian would pick out a name from a hat … she might only read one slip and then (that child) would be picked out. He didn’t put enough effort in and he won. It’s not fair. How would it even be a contest if you just picked a name out of a hat?”

Tyler’s mom Katie says if Galdron does implement the change, she will switch out both Tyler and his younger brother – a seven-year-old who has won second place for two consecutive years now–to a different library in the area.

“I don’t see the downside of Tyler winning five years in a row. I think people should be proud of him, especially a library director,” she said.