Lifetime’s New Steel Magnolias Trailer Released

Ready to “take a whack at Ouiser” one more time?

Well, you may just get your chance. The question is whether or not it’s going to be any fun or heartfelt this time around.

Lifetime just released the first trailer for its remake of the classic play-turned-movie Steel Magnolias. When the network first announced they were giving the original 1989 chick flick a contemporary update, some people in the press wondered if it was necessary. Though the film was made years ago, it’s the story of a close-knit group of Southern women and their personal family issues, so the story and themes still hold up to this day. But, that said, fans were curious to see what changes were in store.

The biggest change is that this version is comprised of African American women cast. On the plus side, this is an A-list cast of actresses. In place of Sally Field for M’Lynn is Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton as Truvy is now played by Jill Scott, Shirley MacLaine’s cantankerous Ouiser will now be played by Alfre Woodard, her best friend/rival Clairee was originated by Olympia Dukakis but will now be handled by The Cosby Show alum Phylicia Rashad, and finally Julia Roberts’ breakout role of Shelby will go to Condola Rashad.

Since the Lifetime trailer was released, reactions have been mixed. Some think it looks like a carbon copy of the original except for a reference to Beyonce, while others think the new cast brings a vibrancy that’s exciting. Check out the clip and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.