Light This Egg Candle and See What Hatches from Within

This candle may looks like a simple, elegant egg-shaped sphere at first, but once you light its wick the flame sparks a slow and magical transformation.

This is no ordinary candle, nor is it an ordinary egg.




As the candle burns down and the flame melts the waxy shell, a tiny little baby dinosaur emerges.

This stunning candle would be a great gift for anyone in your life who is obsessed with dinosaurs, or it would also be a great conversation starter for your next dinner party.

This candle is sold from Firebox, a site that also features other novelty home décor and gift ideas, but right now is only available for pre-order.

Firebox, which is selling the candle for $45.49, describes the candle as follows:

“As the wax egg melts away it slowly reveals the world’s favourite prehistoric carnivore – a darling baby velociraptor. Not your average ornament, this triassic treasure is sure to add a little life to your gaff.”

Check out how the candle burns in the slideshow above.