You Never Know What to Expect at Lightning in a Bottle. And That’s the Best Part

Do LaB‘s Lightning in a Bottle is not just a music festival. Maybe that’s what keeps people coming back.

What began as hardly 100 people coming together for the purpose of social unity, creativity and sustainability, has transformed into an immersive experience where anyone is welcome. Last year, over 20,000 people gathered in unison with the intention of losing themselves in the music, the landscape, educational workshops, art, and yoga.

You really never know what to expect when attending a festival like Lightning in a Bottle. But guess what? That’s the best part.

Many people consider this place their second home. A time they wait all year long for. For them, Lighting in a Bottle is purely about experiencing life with acceptance and gratitude.

Catching lightning in a bottle means to take something incredibly influential and indescribable, and to be able to share it with people on a large scale. That’s exactly what this festival succeeds in doing.

This year, the Do Lab announced that the festival will be extended an extra day, and they are even offering attendees an early arrival option so that they may get settled in to their environment before it comes to life.

Lightning in a Bottle 2016 will take place Memorial Day weekend (May 25-30) at the Lake San Antonio recreation area in Bradley, California.

Check out the video above and be inspired to get lost in the present moment.

San Antonio Recreation Area
2091 New Pleyto Road
Bradley, CA 93426