Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes Offered Professional Driving Lessons By Goodyear

Even tire maker Goodyear has been following the Lohan/Bynes bad driving news.

The vice president of the company has decided to offer the ladies some extra driving time by proposing they come to the company’s headquarters in Ohio for some one-on-one driving lessons on the track with a Goodyear professional driver.

In what had to be one of the most hilarious and genuine letters these ladies have ever received, the company is even willing to send drivers to them in they can’t make it out to Ohio.

You can view Lindsay’s letter here and Amanda’s letter here for the full details.

Goodyear promises no paparazzi will be permitted and offers both ladies some reassuring encouragement that they can both become better drivers. (And, hopefully, make the streets a safer place for everyone who comes into contact with them!)

Of course, the company isn’t entirely out for publicity. They made sure to pitch their tires and dealership locations should the women need to purchase anything from their services!