Lindsay Lohan Destroys $1,750 Borrowed Designer Dress

Lindsay Lohan has made a name for herself, and we’re not referring to her movie career. Car rental companies know better than to rent her a car, and dress designers know better than to lend her clothes.

Lohan knows this, so when she needed a dress for the prestigious amfAR Gala, she did what any other starlet with a bad rap would do—she had a famous friend make the request instead.

According to US Weekly, Lohan had Charlie Sheen call in a favor to stylist Phillip Bloch to nab her a beautifully beaded gown by Theia Couture worth $1,750.

Lohan showed up to the event and wowed. Unfortunately, she hit an after-party where she allegedly ended up snagging the hem of the dress. Again, using that impeccable judgment she’s known for (insert sarcasm here) Lohan decided to do some Project Runway repair work herself and cut the dress mullet style (long in back, short in the front) with a pair of borrowed scissors from a club bouncer.

A rep for Theia Couture told that the dress was loaned “in good faith” and has not been returned to them. They were notified by Bloch’s assistant that the dress had been damaged, but weren’t aware of the actual condition of the dress until they saw media pictures of the damage.

Considering the actress’s past history with “borrowing” things, we recommend PR people loan things out with more caution. Or they’ll end of getting things returned to them looking like this: