Poor Lion Cub Gets His Head Trapped Up a Dead Buffalo’s Butt

Lions are arguably the most frightening and skillful hunters on land.

If a pride moves in for a kill and succeeds, there’s plenty of good eating to be had by all. Sometimes, when young cubs arrive on the scene to feed on a dead buffalo, they will actually crawl into it and devour it from the inside out.

That would probably explain why this poor cub got his head trapped up a dead buffalo’s butt at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

After watching the video above, we weren’t sure if he got out of there alive or suffocated, but the person who posted the clip on YouTube had this to say:

We went back the next morning, and the ranger told us he and other rangers/trackers had kept an eye on the cub throughout the night. The adults lions (all female) had eaten through the stomach to free the cub! The cub looked fine, he just had a collar of blood around his neck, so you could tell it was him!

We’re happy that the cub survived, but it looks like the buffalo got the last laugh, after all.

This clip was posted back in 2011 but seems to be getting its second life on the Internet.

Watch the video of this lion cub and buffalo above.

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