Lionsgate Keeps it Coming! More Casting News for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Alan Ritchson Will Play Gloss

That’s three days in a row now! Lionsgate just announced another cast mate for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire today.
Alan Ritchson will play the role of Gloss in the upcoming film. Gloss is a former Career tribute from Distrcit 1 and competes in the Quarter Quell alongside his sister, Cashmere.

As for Richardson, he most recently starred in the pilot for the CBS comedy pilot of Super Fun Night, which also stars Rebel Wilson. He has also played roles in shows like Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State, CW’s Smallville and 90210.

Beyond acting, Richardson also has an interest in music. He auditioned for the third season of American Idol and was amongst the top 87 contestants and later released an album called This is Next Time in 2005.

Best of all, he is a former Abercrombie and Fitch model!

The Francis Lawrence movie starts production next month and will be released November 22, 2013.