Lipstick Bounty Hunters Attack Man at Arby’s

An Orange county, CA man is blind after being shot in the right eye with rubber bullets.

Daniel Duvall, age 35, claims a group of Southern California women known as the “Lipstick Bounty Hunters” physically assaulted him and blinded him when they attempted to bring him into custody last month.

In a video posted to YouTube by Teresa Golt, the owner of the Lipstick Bounty Hunters, the women appeared to chase Duvall out of an Arby’s in Huntington Beach on March 18, after his bail bond was revoked.

The women (All former LAPD) say they were just trying to do the job they were hired to do.

Dressed in all pink, with matching pink handcuffs, the women were caught on video by Lipstick Bounty Hunters owner, Teresa Golt, in hot pursuit to stun him with a stun gun and shoot him with rubber bullets.

Golt told “When we walked into Arby’s with my group, he made eye contact with me. He knew who I was. It wasn’t out of the blue. The minute I made eye contact with him, I approached him quickly, told him his bond was revoked. He was struggling, fighting and not allowing me to handcuff him. He knew prior to Arby’s that his bond was revoked. So I tased him as he was running out the door.”

Mr. Duvall’s attorney, Dan Gilleon has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit saying the women used excessive force and broke his client’s nose. “It is like the Wild, Wild West in California as it relates to bounty hunters – and these are some out-of- control female bounty hunters that are being negligent,” Gilleon said. “My client was shot in the right eye and can’t see. They think this is a lawless business, but it isn’t. It is assault and battery, Gilleon said.