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LISTEN: 5-Year-Old Saves Dad’s Life in the Cutest 911 Call Ever

Little Savvanah’s dad was having trouble breathing so he called 911. Because he couldn’t talk, he had no choice but to hand the phone over to his little girl.

“My Dad can’t hardly breath.” Savannah told the dispatcher. “You need to come real fast.”

Suddenly, the 5-year-old girl was in charge of answering questions about her father’s condition, unlocking the door for paramedics, and comforting her father. Towards the end of the call, Savannah decides she’s not dressed properly for guests.

“We’re in our jammies. And I’m in a tank top. So I’ll have to get dressed” Savannah tells the dispatcher. “I don’t know what I am going to wear; but he really needs oxygen, real fast.”

The little girl saves dad’s life but wants to look good! But te dispatcher tells Savannah not to leave to change but to stay with her father instead. Savannah gives up on her outfit change and stays beside her dad.

Little Savannah ended up saving her dad’s life that day — and in her pajamas!

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