LISTEN: Lady Gaga and Cher Duet Leaks

Lady Gaga is having one heck of a week. First she releases the single from her new album, and now the song that she wrote and gave to Cher was leaked online today.

(Anyone wonder what Katy Perry is doing right now? Oh, that’s right, trying to get some press for that single she just released as well.)

While fans knew about this song, titled “The Greatest Thing,” and they knew it was originally supposed to be on Cher’s next album — which made sense because it sounds like something from her Believe album — Mother Monster pulled the plug on the official release. Some fans think this was because an early demo version leaked and Gaga wasn’t pleased.

For her part, this is what Cher had to say on Twitter about the song not winding up on her album.


Evidently, this wasn’t the correct version, either. At least that’s what Cher tweeted out today.


Whatever the situation, here’s the song below. Check it out before it gets yanked.