LISTEN: Merry Mixmas Part 2 – Cool Remixes of Holiday Favorites

Yesterday we posted Merry Mixmas part 1, a collection of holiday songs– some new and some classic– that have been remixed or mashed up to give a whole new feeling for those holiday favorites. They come from DJ Paul V. (Paul Vitagliano), a longtime Los Angeles club and radio DJ, event promoter, music reviewer, and blogger.

He’s also the man behind the new book Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay, a collection of more than 100 short, sweet, and achingly truthful tales and childhood photographs of people from all over the world who have known they were gay since childhood. If you don’t own it, you should.

Merry Mixmas part 2 features such classics as Madonna’s “Don’t Drive Drunk!,” King Of Pants doing “Alala Falala Hasselhoff,” and ToTom’s  “Rudolph The Paranoid Reinder.” There are also some incredible mashups, like DJ Topcat vs. Dean Martin with “Jungle Bells,” so there really is something for everyone.

This is a fun way to put a new spin on your Christmas traditions. Check out the mix below, then listen to Merry Mixmas part 1, and come back tomorrow for the third and final part. You should also give DJ Paul V. a LIKE on his Facebook page, and check out info on his Born This Way: Real Stories Of Growing Up Gay book.