LISTEN: Natalie Maines Releases Rock Single, ‘Without You’

Natalie Maines, the lead singer of country band Dixie Chicks, recently released the first solo single off her upcoming rock (not country) album Mother. This is the first we’ve heard from the singer since 2006, when the last group album was released.

The track is titled “Without You,” which also happens to be the same name as a previous Dixie Chicks song. The sound of the rock song, however, is quite different, owing to the intention Maines had for this project.

“I wanted this music to be very different from the Dixie Chicks,” she told Billboard. “Lots of albums by lead singers might just as well have been made by the band, but I think this is very different from anything the Chicks could make. That separation and distinction was important.”

Another marked difference from her country days: Maines’ current physical state. The singer has chopped off her long blonde locks in favor of a much shorter hairdo. On her track art, she is shown wearing a tough black jacket, heavy black eye liner and a black necklace.

One thing that Maines’ fans will find familiar, however, is her unmistakable voice and powerful singing chops. The rock single, divergent as it may be from her country roots, is still a tune we think all her original fans will enjoy. We sure do.

Give it a listen below.