LISTEN: ‘Smash-O-Ween’ Halloween Music Mixe

DJ Paul V. (Paul Vitagliano) is a longtime Los Angeles club and radio DJ, event promoter, music reviewer, and blogger. He’s been writing and mixing music for years, and hosting many of LA’s legendary events. Currently he’s been all over the news thanks to his new book, Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay, a collection of more than 100 short, sweet, and achingly truthful tales and childhood photographs of people from all over the world who have known they were gay since childhood. It’s based on his hugely popular blog of the same name, Born This Way (, which has earned more than 3.8 million views since its debut in January 2011 and been featured on NPR, ABC News, CNN, The Huffington Post, Salon, The Advocate, BuzzFeed and more.

We’ll be spotlighting the book very soon, but since it’s October 30th we wanted to feature some kind of Halloween music mix to celebrate the season. Fortunately for us, DJ. Paul V. delivers with his Smash-o-Ween mix. It’s a fun, crazy, cool treat that’s perfect for playing on your office headphones or as you’re prepping for tomorrow night’s tick-or-treaters.

Enjoy the music.