Listen to the Freaky Recording Used to Train Soldiers to Survive Torture

A Navy veteran who underwent training at the US Navy’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape school is sharing some of the intense training techniques taught to recruits of the program. Ward Carroll shared in his book, The Making of a Navy Seal, the one thing that trainees will never forget: the Rudyard Kipling poem titled “Boots.”

Apparently during SERE training, troops are placed in a simulated prison camp to emulate enemy capture. This is meant to teach the troops how to survive in the event that they are caught and tortured for information by the enemy.

The poem was written about the march of the British during the colonization of Africa, when soldiers would march for seemingly endless weeks with no known destination.

A haunting recording of Kipling reciting the monotonous journey of the discouraged soldiers was played on repeat in Carroll’s cell at the SERE camp.

Listen to the creepy recording below.