Woman Bashes Window to Save Sweating Little Girl Left in Car

It was all caught on tape a woman frantically trying to bash the window of a car that had a sweating little girl in it. Sara Oropeza was checking someone out at Famous Footwear where she worked in Merriam, Kansas when someone frantically ran in the store asking for help.

Temperatures were in the triple digits as Sara ran to the car and saw the little girl inside with all the windows up and dripping with sweat. She tried everything to bash the window in so she could save the two-year-old girl. Soon the footwear manager was joined by at least four other woman who all tried to help break the window.

Eventually they got it open after continuously hitting it with a tire iron and truck hitch. Once Sara got ahold of the child she realized just how hot the little girl was.

“Her shoes were wet, her socks were wet. She was so drenched in sweat. I just started crying,” Sara told CBS News.

Paramedics came to the scene where the toddler’s vitals were checked. Officials believe that the couple left the child in the car as they went into a nearby cell phone store. They later came into the Famous Footwear looking for the child claiming she was their niece.

According to Sara their actions were appalling: “No emotion at all, whatsoever. The only question they had for police was if insurance was going to pay to cover the window that we broke.”

The little girl was later picked up by her godmother and the couple was ticketed for child endangerment, their case is being sent to the Johnson County District Attorney.