Litter of Bulldogs Kidnapped from a Woman’s Car

Six puppies were stolen from a woman’s car in a matter of minutes in north Los Angeles this week .

A litter of bulldogs were taken from Ryan Fingerle’s car as she was inside a Highland Park animal hospital paying bills.  Her car was left running as the two thieves–described as Hispanic men between 25 and 35, quickly removed the puppies from her backseat.

The thieves were caught in the act on security footage.  After one man walked past Fingerle’s car and looked inside, he returned with another man where they proceeded to take the bulldogs.  Three out of the six puppies have been found, but the other three have yet to be recovered.

Fingerle was breeding the puppies as service dogs for the disabled, and estimated each puppy to be worth about $1,000.

Here is the security video of the two thieves stealing the six bulldogs from Fingerle’s car.