Little Boy Discovers Sea Snail Living in His … WHAT??!

Little seven-year-old Paul Franklin’s mother, Rachel, probably expected him to bring home a little sand from the beach, but she¬†never thought something like this would happen.

He scratched his knee while playing near the ocean in Orange County, California, and the wound began swelling to the size of an orange.

At first, doctors believed his wound was MRSA, and advised Rachel not to pop the sac of pus that had developed. However, when the color of skin turned black, she knew it was time to intervene against doctors’ orders.

She decided to break it open herself.

“I thought it was a rock,” Rachel explained on an episode of “Monsters Inside Me,” which aired Thursday on Animal Planet.¬†“Whatever it was, it just came out in one piece.”

Upon closer inspection, she realized it wasn’t a rock at all. It was a sea snail called Littorina scutulata.

According to Biologist Dan Riskin, these types of creatures can adapt very easily to pretty much any environment, including a human body.

While his mom remains stunned by the whole experience, her son “just thinks it’s cool.”