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Little Boy Handcuffs Uncle to Himself to Make Him Stay, Promptly Loses Keys

Kids come up with some creative ways to get what they want. One four-year-old wanted his uncle to stay with him so he found a pair of handcuffs and attached his leg to his uncle’s wrist.
Everyone thought it was fun and games until they realized the little boy had no idea where he had put the keys and the two were bound together for much longer than they’d imagined. Everyone from the uncle to who we assume is the mom ask young Luke where they keys are, and merely get an “I don’t know” as a response.
The little guy doesn’t seem to be as concerned as the grown-ups though, as he excitedly asks his uncle if he gets to go to New York City with him. Way to look at the positive side, kid.
Check out the adorably hilarious video above.

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