Little Boy Receives 3D-Printed ‘Iron Man’ Hand

Three-year-old Rayven Kahae, or “Bubba” as his family calls him, is probably the happiest kid on the planet right now, or at least on the island of Maui.

Bubba was born with a birth defect known as amniotic band syndrome (ABS), which causes fiber-like strands to form in the amniotic sac that coil around parts of a baby’s body and restrict normal growth. According to the National Institutes of Health, ABS can affect a small area, such a toe or finger, but can also damage an entire arm or leg.

His grandmother, Rulan Waikiki, says that the boy has always known he was different than all the other kids, but that he flourished just the same.

Thanks to advancements in 3D-printing, Bubba was able to receive an Iron Man-like prosthetic hand.

“He wanted an ‘Iron Man hand,’” Waikiki told KHON 2 News . “As soon as he put it on and was able to close the hand, his face just lit up.”

The non-profit group E-Nable printed his prosthetic cost-free.

In the video above, you can watch Bubba’s excitement as he opens up the package and tries on his new hand for the first time.

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