Little Boy Says Goodbye After Newborn Sister Dies

WARNING: The above video may be too disturbing for some viewers. 

Saying goodbye is hard to do, especially for a family who is forced to say those words to their newborn baby girl.

During labor, Kaira tragically passed away. For the parents, the heartbreaking part wasn’t just the fact that she died, it was figuring out how to break the news to their four-year-old son who was looking forward to having a little sister. They had to tell him that they wouldn’t be allowed to bring them home when they left the hospital.

As you can imagine, his reaction to Kaira’s death is heartwrenching.

While some readers may see the footage as disturbing, it’s an experience countless parents face each and every day.

“Instead of wallowing in their grief they are saying good bye, I love you, I’ll miss you, and more importantly, maybe we’ll see you next time,” said one viewer.