8-Year-Old Boy with Cancer for the 4th Time Finds the Love of His Life

Little David Spisak Jr. has been battling cancer for the majority of his life. At the age of 8 he has already had the deadly disease three times and now he is battling it for the fourth. According to ABC News, he received his first diagnosis of leukemia as a toddler at the age of two and has gone through extensive chemotherapy over the years.

The Spisak family has reached a turning point and will no longer let their son live in hospitals. They want him to have a normal childhood filled with playing, swimming, tons of friends and the love of his life.

“If the outcome was going to be the same, if he was going to continue to get cancer, we decided that if he wasn’t going to win, that we would give him everything right now,” the family told ABC News. With that David returned to school and started second grade that is where he met his special someone.

Realizing the bond that their son had with Ayla a little girl from his class, David’s parents set up a date for the two. The young couple went bowling and despite being terminally ill and in a wheelchair David had one of the best nights of his life.

“His dad and I kept trying to stay close behind him to make sure he wouldn’t fall, but he kept trying to be with her and was taking her help. It was so natural, there was no hesitation from neither one of them. They just wanted to be together,” his mom said.

Although David’s age hasn’t even reached double digits yet he has experienced more love from Ayla than most people ever will in a lifetime.