Little Girl Defies All Odds in Inspirational Video

Alissa Sizemore was playing outside with her sister and friends when a truck hit her and ran over her right leg. The eight-year-old little girl was rushed by air to the hospital where her leg was later amputated.

Alissa’s mom told PEOPLE just how hard it was when that moment came. “She didn’t understand why they couldn’t just give her back her foot, and then, to have half of her leg gone too, how do you explain that? It was very difficult. I still cry whenever I think of that conversation,” Heather Sizemore said.

Being an avid dancer before her accident Alissa’s family was concerned as to what would happen. Would she dance again? Being the brave little girl she is Alissa shocked her family and dance teachers when she got up and started dancing and practicing for an upcoming recital.

The video above shows her first performance since her accident with her prosthetic leg.