Little Girl Joins a Man She Thinks Is Santa Clause So He Doesn’t Have to Eat Alone

An image that’s recently gone viral online has been melting hearts everywhere and for good reason. It is of a sweet three-year-old having breakfast with a Santa Claus look-alike at Bob Evans diner in Evansville, IN.

Little Gracie Lynn Wilson was enjoying a meal with her family when she spotted a man who looked exactly like Jolly-old Saint Nick enter the restaurant.

He was later identified as a local mall Santa and was certainly dressed the part with a long white beard, red pants, suspenders, glasses and a holiday shirt. After he received his breakfast order and started eating his meal alone, Gracie decided to join him to give him some company. That’s when her mom took the picture that’s been shared all over the internet.

She didn’t even ask him for anything for Christmas except for her baby brother to be here. His mom was due in three weeks at the time of the report. ‘Santa’ later called her “quite a special young lady” while talking to reporters.

Check out the news report on the sweet moment above.