Little Girl Can’t Explain Why There’s A Massive Cow In The Living Room!

Turn your back on a toddler for a second and you can be sure some level of mischief is taking place. When mother, Billie Jo, quickly needed to go the other room her daughter, Breanna decided that her pet cow, Izzy, was just as welcome indoors as the family dog so in she came. On returning to the room to find the cow curled up next to the said family dog she demanded answers from the 5-year-old girl.

little girl cow

Breanna was ready with an explanation claiming that Izzy waited for her to look away before walking right in, not just stretching the truth but totally deforming it. Bilie Jo confronts her with the fact that she is fibbing and asks her if she wants to tell the truth this time to which the toddler offers a few attempts at an explanation but no sense can be made from the obvious less than half truths she attempts to satiate mom with before she cuddles up on the floor next to Izzy lays her head on the girl’s lap and falls asleep. Some answers sometimes have to wait until later.

The family rescued a close to frozen and drowned Izzy from a swamp when she was just a calf. Even though you find the bond between girl and cow adorable you still have to giggle at the ridiculous non-explanations.

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