Little Girl Explains to Dad Why She Is NOT a Princess — And He Better Listen!

Many girls grow up wanting to be Daddy’s little Princess — but not JoJo.

It’s not because JoJo doesn’t like the idea of being a Princess. From the small smile she gives every time her dad insists that she’s his Princess, and how he wants to call her his Princess from now on, you know she likes the idea. But clearly, Dad has not watched as many Princess movies as JoJo, and so she’s decided to give him an emphatic explanation for why she is totally, absolutely NOT a Princess.

“I need to tell you something,” she says, very seriously, with this hand out so that he knows he needs to stop talking.

“I said don’t ask me anything, or don’t talk. You can talk after,” she continues, very patiently, as perhaps a Princess would speak to one of her subjects who just doesn’t understand what’s going on in the kingdom. There’s nothing obnoxious about JoJo’s explanation, it’s all very logical to her, and she’s going to take the time to explain it all so that Dad will stop calling her Princess. Because she’s not. Got it?

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