Little Girl Tries to Trick the Tooth Fairy and It Totally Backfires

When you’re a kid, it pays (sometimes quite lucratively) to lose a tooth. In 2014, the Tooth Fairy Poll estimates that the mysterious fairy left a record $255 million beneath their pillows at night while they slept.

Children love the event of losing one of their baby teeth, it’s something they anticipate until that last molar is gone. However, the amount of money they receive for said tooth varies. It all depends on how generous the tooth fairy happens to be.

Usually, when a child leaves a tooth under their pillow, they wake up to find some sort of gift, like a $10 bill. But what happens when they attempt to trick the tooth fairy?

Losing teeth may be a right of passage, but tricking the tooth fairy is a big no-no. In the video above, one little girl finds out the hard way.

Needless to say, her reaction is absolutely priceless.