Little Girl’s Heartbroken Reaction to THAT Scene from The Lion King Is All Of Us

Anyone who has ever watched The Lion King knows that gut-wrenching feeling when the beloved Mufasa, the main character’s dad, dies at the hands of his wretched brother.

We personally must have watched that movie over 100 times when it first came out back in the ‘90s (yes, it’s been that long, which makes the fact that kids are still watching it so cool), and we still get the feels when we watch that scene.

One toddler just experienced the movie for the first time, and her reaction is everyone’s reaction, summed up in one video.

Even if the volume was muted and you weren’t given any context except that she’s watching The Lion King, you’d know exactly what scene is on.

Check out the little girl’s perfect response. We just want to give her a thousand hugs.