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FLASHBACK: ‘You Poked My Heart’ Video — Kids Argue If It’s Raining or Sprinkling

We have never seen an argument over the weather as adorable as the “You Poked My Heart” video from years ago. Chances are, if you’re under 30, this is a whole new experience for you — and you’ll love it.

And if you have seen it, we found some more info on the kids.

“You Poked My Heart” Video History

Back in 2014, two youngsters had a battle over whether it was sprinkling or raining outside. It got filmed, posted, and went viral online before viral videos were really a thing.

The best part? There’s a little peacemaker in the middle who tries to make sure the two are playing fairly and comforts the boy when he gets his heart “poked.”

As it happens on social media, the video made the rounds again recently and has been popping up in people’s feeds this week. And when youngsters in the office knew nothing about it, we decided to share it again as well.

Trust us on this one. You need to watch it. And scroll below the video for more info on the kids.

The Kids

JunkinMedia did an interview with Tara, the boy’s mom, about a year after it came out. She shot her son, Ty, and the girls in class and posted it to her YouTube page. Within a week it got nine million views and Tara was being contacted by The Weather Channel and The Today Show.

Remember, this was at a time when those kinds of things just didn’t happen, but Ty and his classmates touched everyone’s hearts.

“I wouldn’t do anything differently,” Tara told the website. “At first, I was very overwhelmed. I wondered if this was worth it, but then I messaged from all over from people telling me how the video was helping them. Ty is a diabetic and has to have insulin. I found out the video was being shown at a Children’s Hospital as a teaching tool and at Convalescent homes to put a smile on the patient’s faces.  That makes all the craziness worth it. And I know that this will always be something the kids have to look back on.”

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