Knockoff ‘Little Mermaid’ Coin Bank from Mexico Inspires Ugly Ariel Art

As children, The Little Mermaid painted a picture in our heads of what life might actually be like under the sea.

Even to this day, some adults can’t help but want to jump for joy and sing “Part of Your World” at the top of their lungs every single time someone mentions the movie.

Ariel was (and still is) one of the most beloved Disney princesses, with her long, flowing hair, adventurous spirit, and an amazing gift — her voice. She was not only beautiful, she was also naturally curious about the world around her, and the king’s daughter, a legitimate princess with social prominence.

But ever since some folks stumbled upon a knockoff Little Mermaid coin bank at a Mexican grocery store, we’ve come to believe that the Faustian bargain Ariel made with Urusla in order to meet a human prince on land was a deal that stole her beautiful looks, rather than her heavenly voice.

The slideshow of illustrations above, from the Tumblr blogs Terrible Ariel and Steve Thompson, Principal Designer for the Disney Stores, proves that Ariel still desires to become something she’s clearly not.

Only this time, instead of dreaming of becoming a human being and walking on land, ugly Ariel falls asleep crying at night because she isn’t beautiful. Even Flounder seems to be having a rough time!