WATCH: Live Mic Captures Texas Mayor Going to the Bathroom During Meeting

There are things you don’t want anyone to hear, whether it’s a hush-hush conversation or the sounds of bodily functions. Having your mic on and not knowing it seems to be the bane of many politicians’ existence. In a Texas council meeting, it proved to be more than humiliating for one mayor in particular.

It was a typical town meeting in Georgetown, Texas, and council woman Rachael Jonrowe was trying to make some very serious points about a resolution on disease. What happened next is not so typical.

The mayor took his leave to use the bathroom. Normal enough, right? The problem was that he forgot to take his live mic off before he went to the restroom. The entire committee heard every embarrassing moment of the call of nature.

It’s bad enough when you use a public bathroom and have a colleague enter the adjoining stall, but imagine having an entire room of your colleagues hear you “going” on a live mic with the volume on high?

It gets worse: The mic alerted everyone to the fact that the he didn’t even wash his hands after doing his duty, so to speak. Poor Jonrowe tried hard to keep it together until she finished her speech.