Poem Found in London Bar Offers Genius Twist That Changes EVERYTHING

london bar poem

A poem discovered at a bar in North London has gone viral after Twitter user @RonnieJoice tweeted a picture of it.

When you first read the poem, it appears to be a major downer. See for yourself.

poem top to bottom bottom to top

As you can see, the poem appears to be a rant against the evils of the world.

That is… until you get to the bottom. The instructions at the end of the poem ask that the reader starts from the bottom and reads to the top.

Do this and you’ll quickly realize that the poem offers a huge lesson in perspective. You can either see the world and your life in a negative light or as an opportunity for beautiful things to occur.

According to Elite Daily, the poem was written by Chanie Gorkin, an 11th grader from Brooklyn, New York. He had shared his creation on Poetrynation.com.

We’re not quite sure how the poem ended up all the way across the ocean — however, it has been making people around the world think deeply about their own perspectives and attitudes. We hope it inspires you to do the same!