London’s Tower Bridge Gets Frightening Glass Walkway

If you’re scared of heights and visiting London’s historic Tower Bridge — don’t look down — because the UK has a “new” tourist attraction: The London Bridge glass walkway.

A three-inch thick glass walkway has been installed in London’s Tower Bridge, allowing visitors to experience this landmark in an exciting new way. Inside the 120-year-old structure they will get to see dizzying views of pedestrians, traffic and the River Thames below. According to the Tower Bridge’s website, “The glass floor measures 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and comprise of panels weighing 530 kilograms each – it is no wonder the installation took a 20-strong team to construct it!”

(We had no idea how that translated into US measurements. Fortunately, we found the video above which explains it all.)

This is not the first time a historic landmark has gotten a glass makeover: The Grand Canyon, Chicago’s Willis Tower, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris have all installed glass walkways, and reinvigorated tourist interest at the same time.

This is the structure’s first alteration since the 1980s. This current walkway is located on the west side of the bridge, and a second walkway on the east side is set to open December 1.

Not only will visitors be able to see what’s happening below the busy building, but the walkway also offers unobstructed views of the city as well. Check out the YouTube video released by the Tower Bridge team.