LOOK: Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Hunger Games Set

Fans of Hunger Games were teased last week with an animated poster from Lionsgate. And as cool as the poster was, it gave nothing away in terms of details and left much to the imagination.

Today however, fans can rejoice because new images from the set of the movie’s shoot have surfaced. The images show Jennifer Lawrence, with co-stars Lynn Cohen and Sam Claflin shooting scenes for the upcoming and highly anticipated sequel Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The movie is slated for a Nov 22, 2013 release and stars Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen who must compete in the Quarter Quell, along with other game winners.

The last movie broke box office records, earning $155 million in its opening weekend. With all the buzz and anticipation created by teasers like this, we predict the next movie will be generate even more crowds upon release. Check out the pics below, courtesy of Pacific Coast News.