In Pictures: The Most Stunning Photos Ever Taken with an iPhone

It appears that we don’t always need technological wizardry to save the day.

Portland-based photographer Kevin Russ, who happens to be a pioneer over at (where for years he has been making a living selling his work), knows all about finding the pleasure in the little things, especially when he leaves behind his big DSLR camera and opts to use his iPhone to capture moments.

Even though there are some photos the iPhone simply can’t take, with the right conditions, it can produce pretty amazing results.

His use of natural light makes for fabulous portrait work. I believe his work is a prime example of the fact that it’s more about the photographer than it is about how expensive a camera is.

The more Russ looks, the more he sees.

Carrying his iPhone with him all over the country seems to have made him start looking at things from a different perspective. He is capable of finding little visual treats everywhere he travels. Without all the extra gear, he had the time to see the pictures, rather than just create them.

Russ’s current life is enough to make most people jealous.

His ideal day consists of hopping in his car and glancing at a map to decide where he wants to go in the country. Then – he takes off to take pictures of the landscape and nature of the great American west.

This full-time traveler and explorer is one of my favorite photographers. Now, he can be yours.

Check out his work in the slideshow above, or on his website, and perhaps get inspired to start capturing some of your own photos.