It Looks Like Photoshop, but This ‘Perspective Art’ Is Real and Mindblowing

We now present another artist that will make you feel like a lazy idiot, but not before having your mind effectively blown.

World-renowned French artist Georges Rousse created these stunning examples of perspective art — a form of painting using the real world as its canvas. The catch is that the aptly-named perspective art only works from one particular angle.

Rousse has a background in architectural photography that helps him create this perspective art. After completing the art piece itself, he takes a single picture from the perfect angle, challenging those who view the photo to figure out just how he did it. He certainly has us stumped.

But what’s most amazing is that when viewed from that exact angle, Rousse’s works simply look too surreal to not be Photoshopped or digitally altered in some way. After all, how could anyone conceive of these bizarre paintings, let alone realize them?

We don’t pretend to have the answers to these questions, but we do have a collection of some of our favorites of Rousse’s work in the slide show above. They are viewed from the proper angle and from the side to give you a little perspective on the piece (pun definitely intended).

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